• Unidad Educativa Las Cumbres - 2018
  • Unidad Educativa Las Cumbres - 2018
  • Unidad Educativa Las Cumbres - 2018
  • Unidad Educativa Las Cumbres - 2018
  • Unidad Educativa Las Cumbres - 2018
  • Unidad Educativa Las Cumbres - 2018

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The Baccalaureate is the specialization that takes place after 10 years of basic education and before higher education, these can be: physico-mathematical, chemical-biological, social sciences and art. They are called from 1st to 3rd year.5 The student then graduates with the name of bachelor in their specialization. As of 2011, the aforementioned specializations are eliminated, creating the current Unified General Baccalaureate.6 7


The main objective of this new Baccalaureate is to provide general training and interdisciplinary preparation in order to guide them for the development of life projects and to integrate society as responsible, critical and caring human beings. It also aims to develop the learning and citizenship skills and prepare them for work, learning and access to Higher Education.

Students must complete a series of subjects common to all types of Baccalaureate and can choose one of the following options:


Baccalaureate in sciences: in which in addition to the common subjects, a complementary training in scientific-humanistic areas is offered.

Technical baccalaureate: in addition to the common subjects, it offers complementary training in technical, craft, sports or artistic areas that allow students to enter the labor market and start social or economic entrepreneurship activities.

The justification for the need for a Unified Baccalaureate alludes to the fact that it is the only way to guarantee equality for all high school graduates and at the same time increase postgraduate options. In this way, by having common subjects students will be able to access higher education in any academic area or enter directly into the world of work.


Once the students finish their studies, they receive the Bachelor's Degree from the Republic of Ecuador. And in case they have done a Technical Baccalaureate, the professional figure studied by the student in the educational institution is specified. This Title will grant them shortly (in 2014) direct access to the University.


There are a number of fundamental changes that existed with the previous baccalaureate and the current Unified General Baccalaureate. In the first place with regard to learning, the previous baccalaureate aimed to absorb and remember information and then show in an exam what was remembered, that is, special emphasis was placed on the coverage of the contents. On the other hand, the unified General Baccalaureate aims to train in knowledge, skills and attitudes, thus provoking a more lasting, useful and applicable learning to life, that is to say, special emphasis is placed on the development of thought.

Mas de una década formando en valores !!!

Six promotions during the 9 years that have been running "Las Cumbres" are a reflection of the perseverance and effort made by the directors and the body of teachers to teach from the preschool, elementary and high school levels to the young people of these generations.


Directors, Teachers, Parents and Students, we have worked for a better, more coherent, peaceful, true society and day by day we make our principles a reality:


Strength, Will, Discipline, Exercise and finally Healthy Life